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 VicRail - Edward Henty
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 Beyer Garratt
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Trains, and in particular Steam Locomotives, have captured the imagination of many successive generations. The simple fact that collectibles like model railway and train sets, scale model locomotives with their assorted carriages and rolling stock, and a wide variety of locomotive trading and train phone cards are still in demand is testament to the enduring popularity and interest in trains and railway technology.

I think it would be fair to say that many a model train collector is still a child at heart, with an enduring fascination for the era of the classic steam locomotive. Though Locomotive Art can't turn back the clock and offer you a ride as the driver of your favourite steam train, we can " put you in the picture ", quite literally.

All it takes is a suitable picture of your favourite locomotive and one of yourself ... Locomotive Art will do the rest, providing you with a truly unique and highly detailed original painting with you featured as the driver. What a great gift idea for the guy who has everything.

Locomotive Art produces paintings (true works of art) that are a blend of technical illustration and fine art, with an uncompromising level of detail. This is achieved by a combination of technical drawing, airbrushed rendering and various painting techniques, including the use of Inks, Acrylics and Watercolour. The resulting level of accuracy is defined by the sharpness of a scalpel blade.

Locomotive Art welcomes inquiries for commissioned paintings, for either an individual illustration or a set of paintings. Though all painting sizes, formats and nationality of train or locomotive will be considered, cost may vary dependant on the current availability of technical reference, images and depth of research required. All commissioned work will require a deposit prior to commencement.

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