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How To Put Yourself In The Picture
 Put Yourself in the Picture 

 Put Yourself in the Picture

With Just A Little Locomotive Art Magic ...

Locomotive Art offers you the opportunity to be painted as the driver of the train of your choice and will quite literally "put you in the picture".

All it takes is a suitable image of your favourite locomotive and one of yourself ... Locomotive Art will do the rest, providing you with a truly unique and highly detailed original painting with you featured as the driver.

A Great Gift Idea
For the train lover Husband, Dad or perhaps even Grand-Dad, this could be surprise to beat all surprises. Just remember that these are very real "works of art" and take time to create. So please don't leave your request to the last minute.

Price On Application
Pricing will depend on the amount research required, finished painting size, image complexity and the level of detail requested for the commissioned artwork. Time to completion will generally be within 30 days.

Prices are estimated to begin at AUD $1,650 (inc. GST). Please email Locomotive Art for further information or to discuss your requirements:


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