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Steam Trains and Locomotives
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Commission Locomotive Art

 A Medium Sized Framed Limited Edition Print 
 Shipped to a Beyer-Garratt Fan in Queensland 

Above is an example of a Large sized Framed Limited Edition Print.

This one is now proudly on display in Beyer-Garratt fan's home in Queensland, Australia.

Hello Peter ... A quick note to say the Print arrived and I gave it to my husband for Father’s Day - he LOVED it. Thanks so much. Terri

For the sake of reference the artist holding the print is 6' 2" or 188cm.

Commission A Locomotive Art Painting

Locomotive Art is pleased to offer many years of illustrative and technical drawing expertise to help you get the locomotive painting that you have always wanted. Or perhaps you need that perfect gift for some one special? Why wait for a painting you like to show up in a gallery, when you can have an original work painted for you at a very reasonable cost.

Locomotive Art will be pleased to discuss your requirements, ideas or dreams. All initial consultation is Free, though a deposit will be required prior to commencement of a painting. You may email Locomotive Art at or complete the form below.

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